The Cobra ST150 sack trolley has been constructed with operator safety in mind. These lightweight trolleys are durable, easy to use and feature protective knuckle guard grips, offering an additional degree of protection to anyone using them.

The handles on the ST150 are also set at a tilted angle providing greater leverage when lifting a laden sack trolley.


The Cobra ST150 sack trolley can be easily carried, stored or transported in the boot of a car thanks to its telescopic handles and folding toe.

Weighing in at just 10kg means lifting in and out of a car boot or van trailer is easily achieved.


The Cobra ST150 sack trolley comes equipped with pneumatic tyres. Pneumatic tyres are made from two parts, the outer part is made from tough rubber with tyre treads and the second part is an inner tube filled with air placed inside the outer piece.

This not only makes the ST150 easier to handle but is ideal for rough or bumpy terrains, such as outdoors and on gravel.


  • › Max. Capacity: 150kg
    › Tyres: 10" Pneumatic
    › Frame: Steel / Tubular
    › Handles: Telescopic Handles
    › Baseplate: Folding
    › Safety: Plastic knuckle guard hand grip
    › Weight: 10kg (Empty)